Recently, I asked my Instagram followers what they would like me to post about and the most popular answers were either weight loss or how to start exercising (in order to lose weight/get healthy).

Here is my number one weight loss tip: the truth about weight loss. …

Everything starts in the mind — if you think you’re going to hate something, you’re usually right. Most people I work with hate exercise. It starts early on with a negative experience at school PE class and this is where we decide we hate exercise. (One day I’ll write about the problem with compulsory PE). My job is not just to get people fit but to get them to change their mind about exercise — to realise that they can enjoy it so that they’ll keep it up for life.

Here are 5 mindset tricks I use with my clients…

Many people think that you have to push yourself really hard in order to get fit, no pain no gain, so walking is often seen as ‘not really exercise’ but the truth is, walking can be just as good as, if not better than, running especially if you’re a complete beginner! Here’s why:

  1. Done right, you can work up a sweat easily!

Years ago, I started a walking club for women who weren’t ready to join my running class. I thought that as a fit runner, this would be really easy for me, I’d barely notice it. However, I soon…

Run with Tina

Run with Tina specialises in getting women off the couch. We believe that everyone is good enough just as they are and no one is too unfit to enjoy moving!

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